digital coupons.


Digital coupon is a cost-effective way to help you achieve your promotional goals by increasing sales & driving loyalty.

Differently from traditional coupons, digital coupons  allow brands to have a more clear analytics on which promotions are more successful by connecting online & offline marketing spend to in-store purchases.


Like traditional coupons, online coupons are used to attract new customers and drive loyalty of existing customers. However, digital coupons offer a wider range of possibilities since brands are able to link it from any touchpoint (on & off) & can seamlessly integrate it in the consumer journey.



Consumers receive coupons via instant messaging, like WhatsApp & SMS, and they can redeem their free product or discounts at any retailer on the moment of purchase.

Being digital, the method brings brands exclusive insights too, consumer purchase behaviour, incrementality, product ratings & reviews etc.

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