#SuperNova Tech Fair

The SuperNova Tech Fair showcases 80+ game-changing companies that are at the forefront of disrupting traditional industries - ranging from today's large industry leaders to disruptive newcomers with cutting-edge digital solutions... like Hashting :-)

Giving you a glimpse of tomorrow's solutions, the SuperNova Tech Fair is the perfect place to discover new & innovative products, platforms and solutions.

You can find Hashting at “Het Eilandje” at the Tech Fair, on booth 68 together with our partner The Growcery.

Moreover, several of our solutions are showcased at RetailDetail retailhub at Ankerrui 9.
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The SuperNova Tech Fair is part of the SuperNova event.

More info: www.supernovafest.eu/tech-fair/ and www.supernovafest.eu

Watch this video  and this video for more info about Supernova.