#Going Global - lessons learnt

Last week we were invited to share our experiences at the Ernst&Young event "Going Global - lessons learnt".

The invite says "Building a startup in one country can be very challenging. Operating it – and expanding it – in another country is even harder. There's also nothing more rewarding than transforming your small, humble startup – your baby – into a full-blown, multinational business venture. But, before you get the wrong idea: founding, building, and growing a global startup will require pretty serious work, too." Damn right!

First Vincent Stoops presented EYnovation, which is a fantastic initiative of EY to help startups and scaleups with solving strategic, legal and financial issues – this can be at the very beginning (seed phase), when you start selling to your first customers (early growth phase) or when you’re scaling up internationally (expansion phase). They organise events, international missions and consulting hours in a very appealing package.

EYnovation is one of the strategic partners of VLAIO. Patrick Jordens presented the impressive toolbox the Flemish Government created to support startups and scaleups.

Matthew Van Niekerk from Settlemint presented their impressive internationalisation track record. They are one of the blockchain technology pioneers delivering middleware solutions in different sectors. One of their key international clients with whom they grow together is the Islamic Bank.

Next Hashting was on stage.

Karl and myself shared our vision on going global through international partnerships.

We are building a network of entrepreneurs, so choosing the right partners is crucial.

By leveraging on our partners's local network and expertise we can speed up the internationalisation of Hashting. We offer them a proven business model and inspire them with international cases to help them in increasing their speed to market. The financial risk for both parties is limited as the main ressource we both invest is ... time.

Off course, we learned a lot from our failures too. Time is a scarce good, so we need to be careful in dedicating it to the right partner. Partner commitment is crucial for mutual success.

The evening ended with a Q&A session and panel discussion.

Many thanks to EY and Vlaio for the support!