#How to organize a happy hour in thousands of bars with real-time tracking?

Our client gave us a call and #Hashting made it happen!

On a Friday and Saturday evening between 6 and 9 pm, consumers who ordered 2 beers, got 1 for free with a limitation of 2 coupons per consumer per night. The consumer only had to send a text message or use a #hashtag on his social networks, and show the promotion message he got to the bartender and… cheers!

This way the beer brand could create a low-cost campaign with a 100% effective use of its promotional budget. On the #Hashting platform, the client followed the real-time data coming in to track effectiveness and to avoid fraud. With these insights, the brand could identify the most dynamic bars who participated in his promotional actions, in order to optimize its ROI for future dynamic promotions. Or how a simple tool can solve a complex problem.