#How to improve the efficiency of in-store promotions in traditional retail? (2)

Clients tell us that not even 10% of instore promotional displays are still visible after two weeks... 

Brand managers setting up promotional activities and POS material for pharmacies know how hard it can be to be present with creative promotions in a fragmented retail channel.

There are a lots of competitor displays and the pharmacist often chooses which one to install.

How can you make sure the pharmacist picks your display and leaves it in the pharmacy for the timing agreed upon?

With #Hashting’s platform, the brand was able to identify in which shops and for how long the displays were visible.

To enjoy the consumer promotion, consumers had to send a text message or use a #hashtag on his social networks, and show the promotion message he got to the pharmacist.

As the consumer promotion, could only be used if the display was visible in the pharmacy, the brand manager could follow-up in real-time his campaign and fine-tune it by checking what went wrong in some of the pharmacies that did not put out the display.

The result?

By choosing #Hashting the brand managed to go from 7,5% of presence in the pharmacies after 2 weeks to 53% of the displays installed after 6 weeks.

Or how #Hashting boosts your visibility in a competitive environment.