#How to improve the efficiency of in-store promotions in traditional retail? (1)

Challenge accepted!

With the help of #Hashting’s platform, the client could identify its most dynamic and participating stores as he wanted to optimize its ROI.

A creative campaign was set out with two promotional waves. Each shop received a number of coupons for its clients, which offered a discount on the purchase of a second product of the range.

The client managed and measured the promotional campaign and identified the most dynamic stores. The stores that exchanged a lot of coupons and which were a great success during this first campaign wave, received more coupons in the second wave.

This way the client identified his most dynamic stores short-list, and the stores got the opportunity to increase their sales.

A win-win situation for all parties: the shops, clients and the brand who optimized its ROI!

Or how #Hashting can help identifying the strong(er) ambassadors for your brand.