#Fanta Fun in the Q

Imagine you are in a leisure park in the waiting line for the most thrilling rollercoaster ride ever!
Of course: you are not the only one in this queue and the sun is burning...
After half an hour, you are getting really bored and ... thirsty!
This is where Fanta and Hashting are coming to the rescue!

Watch the video (CLICK HERE)

Hashting created a chatbot to make teens interact with Fanta in the waiting line. Solving the puzzles and answering the questions is rewarded with a free Fanta in the vending machine at the end of the line.

Oh yes, you read it well, we connected the Hashting platform to a vending machine!
Expect the unexpected from Hashting... contact us with your crazy ideas and we'll make them happen!

Read more on the Coca Cola website (CLICK HERE).