#looking back on 5 years of Hashting

We just celebrated our 5th anniversary and announced our ambition to become a global company... time to look back on this journey. 

In 5 years we went trough a lot of emotions... often conflicting emotions. But hey, they say there's no "ying" without "yang"! 

The thrill of officially launching our company 
... vs the uncomfortable feeling of financially going "all-in"  

The high hopes of making this venture successful 
... vs the odds that are against us (9/10 startups don't make it)

The  firm believe that we can and will change the world 
... vs big corporate clients who are slow in embracing change

The enthusiasm of the first prospects confirming our vision
... vs the few clients who have the guts to be a first-mover 

The thrill of the first digital coupon running through the platform
... vs the new challenges identified with it

The euphoria of the first signed deal 
... vs the steep learning curve that goes with it 

The relief of the first best practice case
... vs the pain of the first failed case

The energy boost of the first campaign at scale 
... vs the difficult process of vendor registration and long payment terms 

The feeling of gratefulness of the first investor coming on board 
... vs the increasing pressure to make it happen

The thrill of the first hire 
... vs the increasing responsibility 

The positive vibe of the first returning client 
... vs the frustration of losing a first client 

The enthusiasm of signing the first reseller abroad 
... vs the "not invented here" syndrome that slows down the process

The joy of the proof of concept in other countries 
... vs the challenges of adapting to local markets 

The gratefulness of clients opening up new opportunities 
... vs the products or service that needs to be stopped 

The excitement of being the first time on-stage  
... vs the time and effort it takes to build thought leadership 

The positive vibe of a growing business 
... vs the long working days (and weekends) to keep the ball rolling 

The excitement of participating in an accelerator program (abroad) 
... vs the difficulty of running a business at the same time 

The relief of getting a lot of traction 
... vs the increasing need for cash working capital to fuel the growth 

The inspiring discussions with potential investors 
... vs the frustration of getting 9x "no's" for 1x "maybe" 

The grateful feeling of building an amazing team
... vs the increasing responsibility to pay the salary every month 

The sweet taste of success 
... vs the consciousness that short-term success is not a guarantee for long-term success 

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of "ying" and "yang"... but it is the most beautiful journey we could ever imagine !!! 


Luckily this is not a journey we had to go through alone! 
Massive thanks to my co-founder, our families, friends, colleagues,  clients, partners, investors,  fellow entrepreneurs, organisations who support startups and scale-ups, and everyone else we forget to mention... 

To all our believers and supporters:  we couldn't  have done it without you!