Cashback is a great fulfilment solution to help your brand stand out from the competition, acquire new customers, boost immediate sales and add value to loyal customers.

Leading FMCG & consumer electronics brands are seeing x2 increase on their ROI by using cashback as a form of boosting product trial.


Cashback is a retailer agnostic solution, which allow brands to have a consistent message & strategy across all retailers

By using cashback as a fulfilment solution, brands can collect high quality 1st party data, since the refund can be linked to a series of consumer insight questions.


Consumers claim their sample / trial offer by purchasing the product (wherever it is sold) and uploading their receipt to verify their purchase. They receive their offer in the form of cashback into their PayPal or bank account. Being digital, the method brings brands exclusive insights too, consumer purchase behaviour, incrementality, product ratings & reviews etc. ​

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